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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Buying a Log Cabin

After your log cabin holiday you may be interested in purcahsing a cabin. If so we have put together a little bit of information If after there holiday they fancy purchasing a lodge or log cabin. We hope you find some of the information we have put together useful.

Whether you’re buying a log cabin as a cosy summer house for your back garden or to rent out to people on holidays, there are a lot of things you’ll need to take into consideration before you purchase it and make it. The main one is whereabouts it will be going and obtaining planning permission for the land you want to put your cabin in, even if it’s in your own back garden. So, before you purchase anything find out about the land ownership rights and contact the local council and your land agent about the area you are interested in. You’ll then need to find out if there is enough space for it and whether or not there are limitations on what you can do with it.

If the cabin is in your garden different rules apply, and you won’t need planning permission if the cabin is less than half the size of your garden, is for private use and is not for use with a business or company. You also must ensure that it’s less than 4 metres in height. If your cabin breaks any of these rules then you’ll need to speak to the council or buildings agency about obtaining planning permission for your venture, or hire a buildings consultant to help you with this.

You’re then ready to purchase your cabin or lodge. One option is to locate different companies and dealerships that offer services selling cabins and lodges. However, if you’re confident with your skills you could always build it yourself providing you can afford all the materials and have the design know how to make it work. Most people, however, will be wanting some help with the design and making of their cabin. Websites and companies will offer lots of preset designs and in some cases you can customise these to your individual needs and add extra rooms or windows to suit what you personally want. It’s worth baring in mind the sizing of the logs that will be used in your cabin when designing, and generally they will be around 7cm thick, but this can go up to 24cm plus the insulation you might need for using the cabin all year round.

Once you’re happy with the final design you can help build it, or hire people to do this for you and soon you’ll have the perfect log cabin to either rent out as a holiday home, or to use as a retreat or lodge for tourists. You could even use it as your own personal holiday home just for your family and friends to enjoy, or it could be a business venture and be used as a restaurant or café.

If building from scratch isn’t for you, then there are loads of pre-built log cabins that you can purchase second hand and convert for your own needs. Moving a few walls and refitting some of the rooms are all you’ll need to do before you can start re-decorating and re-fitting the place for you to use for whatever you want. If you’re wanting to rent out, there will be lots of properties on the market that just need a little bit of work on them before you can get them ready for use. This can work out a lot cheaper than building one from scratch, and if you’re don’t mind about not having a design that is completely unique then this is a very good option.

Buying property is always a great investment and renting it out to people over the summer or throughout the whole year can be very beneficial for you and it could even turn into a thriving business opportunity for you to enjoy and profit from. This can be very profitable in the sense that you can often claim the tax back on the furniture and items that you buy for the cabin and any losses you make can sometimes be compensated back to you the following tax year.