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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Log Cabin Homes in the North of England

The North of England is a cultural region as opposed to a political or geographically designated area. The culture of the area is defined by a distinct northern accent or dialect, industry, and the boundaries of Scotland and the River Trent. Steeped in rich cultural history the area is an attraction for those wishing to learn more about the history of England and Europe as well as those wanting an interesting and enlightening holiday. The North of England is an enchanting combination of ancient buildings and lore mixed with modern amenities and friendly natured people.

The North of England is comprised of six ancient counties each with its own unique attractions and nuances. There is the Lake District, Northumberland, Durham, Lancashire, Vale of York and Yorkshire (Dales and Coast). Log cabin homes which are so finely attuned with natural landscapes are a popular contemporary and traditional regional choice of home. Traditional log cabin homes in the North of England mimic those found in the rest of Europe; some which are estimated to have been built 1-3000 years BC. Today the same traditional benefits of log cabin homes are combined with contemporary environmental concerns and modern lathing and building techniques create some of the homiest feeling, and environmentally friendly homes anywhere.

Funnily enough log cabin homes are similar to apartment hotels in other parts of the world. They are often lived in either year round or seasonally by their owners and then rented for part of the year to travellers who wish to experience self catered accommodation at a reasonable price. For families log cabin home rentals offer the best of everything. They provide holidays which are close to nature and yet often also near to tourist attractions.

This is as true for the North of England as anywhere else. These include white sandy beaches, forests, hills as well as the usual raft of castles and museums for which there are many excellent tours available. Durham is outstanding for its old world charm which includes horse and buggy rides through the cobbled lanes of yesteryear. In Sunderland the Museum & Winter Gardens combine a museum, art gallery, exhibition space and spectacular winter gardens to create a stunning attraction in the heart of the city centre.

York House Country Park, Thirsk

Highly recommended Log cabin homes in the North of England include:
York House Country Park, Yorkshire. It is located on the edge of the National Park in North Yorkshire. There are some wonderful places to visit within driving distance such as York and the busy market town of Thirsk. A short drive to the coast provides the towns of Whitby and Scarbrough. There is just the one lodge on this site as well as numerous static caravans but the lodge offers good accommodation for people who may be on a budget. On the site there is an indoor children’s play area plus the “Old Barn Coffe Shop” for a relaxing drink. The site is a spacious campsite and is in a quiet and tranquil setting.

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