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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Luxury lodges in Northumberland

Bordered by the North Sea the area boasts 103 kilometres of unparalleled, magnificent coastline. The border between England and Scotland runs through Northumberland and as such the area is rich in history, particularly with war monuments, stories and landmarks of battles waged between the two nations. The area is sparsely populated and many of the legendary moors of England are located in the area. Northumberland also has an abundance of castles; more than any other county and for tourists most castles offer tours and stories that will delight all ages.

For the historian the battlefields of Northumberland are immersed in history. Battles that changed the face of the world took place here and most areas of significance offer a wealth of information including dates, key players and strategic elements of the battles. This is true for some of the most important battles in the UK including the battles of Heavenfield in 635AD, Otterburn in 1388 and Flodden in 1513.

Otterburn is perhaps the most intriguing battle in British history and the story will appeal to mum, dad and the kids. Today the battlefield looks almost like it did back then (600 years ago). It’s a plain stretch of grassland with scrubby woodlands to the side. These masked the fatal flank attacks. A cross is posted in memorial and information boards tell the story, just a mile from the centre of Otterburn, where a dead man’s army won a famous victory!

For the tourist Northumberland will suit every taste and hobby. From golf to fishing and bird watching to horse riding, there is something that everyone will enjoy doing staying in luxury lodges in Northumberland. When the kids are done swimming and mum and dad are finished golfing there are still of course those castles to discover. As mentioned earlier there are more castles to choose from here than anywhere else in the UK, but most will tell you the one not to miss is Bamburgh Castle, former home to the Kings of Northumbria. The castle has 14 public rooms and more than 2,000 artefacts, including arms and armour, porcelain, furniture and artwork and is set on the pristine banks of the Bamburgh coast. Kids can even get their hands dirty here digging for archaeological treasures. If you’re looking to enjoy Northumberland then the accommodation below may be what you are looking for.

Kielder Water Lodges, Northumberland

Luxury lodges which are highly recommended are the Kielder Water Lodges. Kielder offers 27 miles of shoreline surrounded by lush pine forests. These luxury lodges are on the largest man-made lake in Europe and Kielder Forest is the largest forest in England. Besides exploring the forest for glimpses of wildlife, you can take a side trip to Alnwick Castle, which served as the Hogwart’s School in the Harry Potter films. The lodges are located near the Leaplish Waterside Park, offering plenty of activities for those who love water sports. The A-frame cottages sleep from 4 to 6 people and are fully equipped for a self-catering holiday. The property has its own restaurant sitting on the lake called the Boat Inn.

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